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David Kyle is the owner of Ashtanga Yoga, Puerto Rico and has been practicing yoga since his college years. His girlfriend at the time and now wife, Elizabeth suggested he try yoga. He took his first class and began a teacher training a week later.

Needless to say, his connection with the practice was instant. Since then, his life has been dedicated to the Ashtanga practice. David shared so much wisdom and knowledge, that this blog post will serve to highlight the most important points in our hour long conversation over a cafesito in Ocean Park.

  1. The guy on the corner of the street could be your guru
  2. If you didn’t have a realization you weren’t doing yoga
  3. You come to the practice because you need something
  4. Yoga doesn’t transform you, it consumes you
  5. Some things we just can’t go back to doing  
  6. You need Desire – accepting that you can be better & Detachment- you have to want and not want it to be able to transform

Being the owner of the most popular studio in Puerto Rico, I consulted his expertise to provide some advice to beginners on how to decide what studio to attend and how many times per week he recommends we practice.

David responded:

“Be educated consumers to disect the yin and yang aspects of every studio. Don’t make harsh or quick judgements about the experience. Do your research “

He emphasizes that even if we practice once a week, we can reap the benefits of a practice.

“I encourage them to use yoga to enhance their lives and eventually open up more room to do the things that they’ve always wanted to do. Yoga is one of those things that if you invest that hour, the response, focus, clarity it provides saves you multitude of hours in the backend “

Ashtanga Yoga, Puerto Rico provides yoga classes, workshops and teacher trainings. Make sure to pass by for a drop in of their signature rocket class.



Paula Landron es la creadora del DEEP® workout & website y canal de youtube TheDeepLifestyle.com. Le llena estar en constante movimiento ya sea corriendo por Condado, enseñando su clase de ejercicio, o escribiendo blogs para PRLovesYoga. Posee un Bachillerato en Psicología y Francés de la Universidad de Miami. Habla cinco idiomas y es aficionada conocer nuevas culturas y a vivir nuevas experiencias. Síguela en sus redes @paulalandron, @thedeeplifestyle



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